Custom Healthcare For Whatever's Bothering You

From those nagging pains to the big worries, we've got a treatment plan for it all.

Common Conditions We Treat

Whether it’s chronic pain, headaches, an injury, or a desire for overall wellness, our team is equipped with the expertise and compassion needed to guide you through your healing process.


We focus on restoring function, alleviating pain, and improving your quality of life through a combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, athletic therapy, and acupuncture. Don’t see your condition listed here? Get in touch and see if we can help you.

MPI & WCB Recovery

Life after an accident can feel overwhelming, but you're not alone on the road to recovery. At Nachtigall & Associates, we understand the complexities of MPI and WCB cases and offer personalized care plans to help you navigate this challenging time. Our goal is to support your physical recovery, guiding you gently back to the activities and life you love, with a compassionate and experienced team by your side.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain doesn't just affect your body; it can disrupt your entire day. That's why our team takes the time to understand your unique situation, crafting a care plan that addresses the root of your discomfort. We're here to work with you, offering treatments that aim to relieve pain and restore movement, so you can turn your focus back to the joys of daily life without discomfort.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Living with headaches and migraines can feel like a constant, unpredictable battle. Our approach at Nachtigall & Associates focuses on reducing the impact of these conditions on your life. By identifying triggers and applying targeted treatments, we strive to decrease the frequency and severity of your headaches, offering you more pain-free days and a clearer path forward.

Sciatica & Low Back Pain

Sciatica and low back pain can affect every move you make, from sitting to standing, and even sleeping. Our goal is to address the source of your pain through a holistic treatment approach that may include chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and more. We're here to help you overcome these challenges, improve your function, and enhance your quality of life, one step at a time.

Pre & Post-op Recovery

Surgery, whether planned or unexpected, marks the beginning of a recovery journey that demands care, patience, and expertise. Our team provides a nurturing environment for your post-operative healing, offering therapies that support and enhance your body's natural healing process. Together, we'll work towards regaining your full strength and mobility, ensuring you feel supported at every step of your recovery.

Maintenance Care

At Nachtigall & Associates, we believe in proactive health care. Our maintenance care program is designed to keep you at your best, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems. Regular check-ups, adjustments, and personalized wellness advice are pillars of this care, ensuring you continue to live your life to the fullest, free from unnecessary pain and limitations.