Targeted massage therapy

Soothing massages to complement your other healthcare treatments.

Deep-tissue & sports massage

Focused on injury & tension relief

Accelerate your recovery

Looking for targeted pain relief_

Looking for targeted pain relief?

Recovering from an injury or struggling with deep-seated muscle tension? Our massage therapy services at Nachtigall & Associates are designed to target those stubborn areas of discomfort, providing relief and promoting healing.


Our experienced therapists specialize in deep-tissue and sports massage techniques, tailoring each session to address your specific needs.

Relieve your tension

Envision a life where muscle tension and pain don’t limit your day. Our massage therapy sessions peer deep into your problem areas, offering relief and enhancing your body’s natural healing processes.


Whether you’re an athlete needing recovery support or someone seeking relief from chronic tension, our targeted approach helps you achieve a more comfortable, active lifestyle.

Relieve your tension

Massage therapy for focused healing

Indulge in our massage therapy services for an integrated approach to relieving tension. Our massage therapists are skilled in various techniques, including deep-tissue and therapeutic massages, to complement your specific chiropractic plan. Whether you’re seeking to relieve stress, reduce pain, or ease tension in a specific area, our massages are targeted to enhance your chiropractic outcomes.

Integrated approach

Collaborating with other specialists in our clinic, we make sure each massage is targeted for your specific pain points.

Deep relief

With sports massages and deep-tissue massages, we help to realign your body and relax specific muscle groups.

Injury prevention

Targeted massages can help to improve mobility and flexibility, helping to prevent future injuries.

Conditions we treat with massage therapy

Joint Stiffness

Massage therapy eases joint stiffness, enhances mobility, reduces pain, and improves daily function for a more active, comfortable lifestyle.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Targeted massage techniques provide relief for neck and shoulder discomfort, releasing tension, improving flexibility, and promoting relaxation for daily tasks.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Through specialized massage methods, headache and migraine relief is achieved by reducing muscle tension, easing stress, and promoting overall relaxation for lasting relief.

Sciatica & Low Back Pain

Massage therapy addresses the root cause of sciatica and low back pain by releasing muscle tension, improving blood flow, and reducing nerve pressure for enhanced comfort and mobility.

Pre & Post-op Recovery

Massage therapy supports post-surgical recovery by reducing swelling, improving circulation, and promoting tissue healing for a faster return to normal activities.

Maintenance Care

Regular massage therapy sessions support ongoing wellness by preventing muscle tension buildup, improving range of motion, and enhancing overall body function for long-term comfort and vitality.

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What to expect from massage therapy

With each session, we’re providing targeted treatment, offering insights into prevention and wellness, and guiding you towards better health.

Book your appointment

Schedule your massage session, tailored specifically to address your individual needs or recommendations from healthcare professionals.

Enjoy a custom massage

Experience personalized care as our massage therapist focuses on your areas of discomfort, employing techniques that aim to provide focused relief.

Feel the benefits

Enjoy the immediate and lasting benefits of massage therapy, including targeted tension relief, reduced stress, and improved circulation.